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Associate Membership



Defined as manufacturers and suppliers that service the needs of contractor members within the ADSC and the industry in general.

Corporate Associate Member: $875 USD
Individual Associate Member: $95 USD


Corporate Associate Member:

  • These members of the Corporation shall consist of persons, firms, or corporations engaged in the manufacture and/or supplying of materials or services to the Approved Technologies industry. Unless otherwise stated in these Bylaws, “Associate Member” refers to Corporate Associate Member. Corporate Associate Members shall have no vote in any matter of the Corporation’s business including in the election of members of the Board of Directors. A Corporate Associate Member may be elected to the Board of Directors, and as an elected Director, may vote on matters that come before the Board for a vote.

Note: International Associate membership includes the ability to advertise in FOUNDATION DRILLING magazine at special discounted member rates.

ADSC Approved Technologies are those that fall under the Anchored Earth Retention, Drilled Shaft, and Micropile categories.

Associate Membership automatically includes a one-year subscription to FOUNDATION DRILLING magazine valued at $115 and all related benefits.

Individual Associate Member:

  • These members must be employees of a Corporate Associate Member firm. Individual Associate Members shall have no vote in any matter of the Corporation’s business. Individual Associate Members will receive benefits in the Corporation such as those set forth by the Board of Directors.

Note: This definition serves only as a guideline and, should special circumstances occur, the ADSC-IAFD Board Members will be consulted to determine eligibility. This membership is to provide individual communication and a personal subscription to FOUNDATION DRILLING Magazine (a $95 value) for Corporate Associate Member employees and all related benefits. This individual membership will also keep you directly advised of the many activities and opportunities for marketing within the ADSC-IAFD.

Membership Application Processing and Payment Information
You will be notified upon approval of you application. Membership shall begin on the first of the month following the Board of Directors approval of this application.
Membership dues shall become payable annually during that month.

*By submitting this application, I hereby agree to abide by the ADSC By-Laws and Code of Professional Conduct.  Also, I hereby certify that my company falls in the proper category, as described on this application.



ADSC prides itself in being identified as composed of individuals and companies that are committed to delivering dependable, high quality “products” to its clients. The ADSC Code of Professional Conduct is designed to address the obligations of the anchored earth retention, drilled shaft, and micropile industries in four key areas:
1. Obligations to the Client,
2. Obligations to the Public,
3. Obligations to the Government, and
4. Obligations to ADSC.

Each area begins with an Ethical Principle that sets forth the goals and ideals of the profession. The Ethical Principle is followed by the applicable sections of the Code of Professional Conduct which lists specific types of conduct that is either required or prohibited.

Ethical Principles are goals that every professional should strive to achieve. They serve as the justification for the specific requirement of the Code of Professional Conduct. Unlike the Ethical Principles, the Code of Professional Conduct is binding upon ADSC members and violations may subject the member to disciplinary action in accordance with the ADSC Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

It is the duty of every ADSC Company and/or individual member to know and strictly adhere to the requirements of the Code of Professional Conduct. For the protection of the clients we serve, the profession we dedicate ourselves to, the communities in which we live, and the Association that represents us, the members of ADSC agree to abide by the Code of Professional Conduct. This Code of Professional Conduct is administered under “Enforcement Procedures.” For a copy of the Code of Professional Conduct Enforcement Procedures contact the ADSC office.

Code of Professional Conduct Download


Benefits of Membership:

  • Access to exclusive ADSC “Members Only” educational and training programs
  • Networking with 1,000+ member companies representing over 30,000+ individuals
  • Discounts to the ADSC Technical Library, containing over 270 publications
  • Awareness of industry advancement at the international, national and local levels
  • A subscription and reduced advertising rates in FOUNDATION DRILLING Magazine
  • Specialized training for personnel
  • Collective voice, credibility, advocacy and representation throughout the industry


For Membership questions, please contact Angie at or (469) 359-6000