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To develop and maintain a detailed governance program (operations, procedures and accountability) as well as preserve the Bylaws of the Association to ensure the future success of the ADSC: International Association of Foundation Drilling.


  • To maintain the standing policies developed in the four major areas of Governance:
  • Governance Process Policies (Defining the Board?s job)
  • Executive Limitations Policies (Defining the CEO?s job)
  • Board-CEO Linkage Policies (Defining the Board to CEO connection)
  • Ends Policies (Defining the Objectives of the Board)
  • To ensure that the Board acts as a body in order not to risk giving contradictory definitions of its expectations to the association and that the expectations of the association are met by stating policy, delegating and checking for compliance of those policies adopted by the Association.
  • To periodically review the existing Bylaws, as well as other documents of the Association and recommend revisions to those documents to the Board when appropriate.


  • To maintain annual renewal of the Chapter Agreements.
  • Standardize distribution of meeting minutes through the ADSC website.
  • Develop Committee Chair Guidelines
  • To support and implement the 2011 Long Range Plan.

Committee Officers

Rick Kalson
Benesch Law
Phone: 412.394.6557

Committee Information Membership
Participation in and attendance of the Education Committee is available to all ADSC members; however, required membership in the committee is as follows:

Chairperson or appointed representative from the AER Committee
Chairperson or appointed representative from the Drilled Shaft Committee
Chairperson or appointed representative from the Education Committee
Chairperson or appointed representative from the Micropile Committee
Chairperson or appointed representative from the Safety Committee
Members of the ExCom (ADSC President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Associate Member Chairman, Immediate Past President)


The Governance Committee meetings occur four times a year at the Annual Meeting, Spring Board Meeting, Summer Meeting, and Fall Board Meeting.