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Drilled Shaft Agenda – Annual Meeting 2017

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Best Practices for Tremie Concrete

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To promote, for our members, the utilization and advancement of both drilled shaft construction and drilled shaft design. This will be done through education, training, seminars, research, specifications, and other means. This committee will work with owners both public and private, engineers, contractors, and industry associates. We will ensure that safety, quality and efficiency of drilled shaft construction are of the highest standard, and work to keep drilled shafts as the most cost effective and primary foundation of choice.


  • Optimize the design of drilled shafts by removing the conservative thinking that is prominent in the drill shaft industry.
  • Develop a grass roots campaign to promote the proper design of drilled shafts backed up by recent research and load test data.
  • Establish what areas of research we should pursue and what the topics should be. Prioritize proposals, recommend their funding and facilitate their execution.


  • FHWA Base Grouting Project
  • Safety Video
Chapter Officers

Ray Fassett
Condon-Johnson & Associates

Vice Chairman
Tom Wark
Keller Foundations Ltd.

Lacey Reuther
Illini Drilled Foundations, Inc.


Committee Information


For committee membership application or information please email:


The Drilled Shaft Committee meetings occur four times a year at the Annual Meeting, Spring Board Meeting, Summer Meeting, and Fall Board Meeting.

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