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About the Committee


Through the use of education, training, seminars, research, specifications, and other means, this committee will work with owners, both private and public, contractors, engineers, and suppliers to increase the use, understanding, quality, and economy of Micropiles systems as defined by this joint committee.

2013 Goals

  1. Develop and provide assistance for the 2014 Joint ADSC / DFI Micropile / AER Seminar in Seattle March 2014.
  2. Provide assistance to ISM for the upcoming conference in Poland June 11 ? 14, 2014
  3. Submit funding request to IASC for translation of micropile connection research prepared by Coimbra University ? translation from Portuguese to English
  4. Begin development of workshop scope and agenda for IFCEE 2015
  5. Canvas the chapters to see which have an active micropile membership and determine which States do not currently use micropiles.
  6. Canvas the committee membership to investigate future research activities/needs that may be suitable to recommend to the Industry Advancement Steering Committee (IASC).

3 Year Goals

  1. Continue to sponsorship and execution of one industry education seminar each year.
  2. Development of an ICC ? compliant Gr. 150 bar strain compatibility report.
  3. IBC 2018 Building Code Revisions required pertaining to micropiles
  4. Workshop for IFCEE 2015
  5. Complete the revised version of the DFI/ADSC Specification by early 2014

Committee Officers

Pete Speier
Williams Form Engineering

Vice Chairman
Jonathan Bennett

Charles Braun P.E.
Williams Form Engineering
Golden, CO
Phone: 303-386-2364

Committee Information


Micropile Load Test Project


For committee membership application or information please email:


The Micropile Committee meetings occur four times a year at the Annual Meeting, Spring Board Meeting, Summer Meeting, and Fall Board Meeting.

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