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2017 Safety Award Winners

Announced at the ADSC 2018 Summer Meeting in Colorado Springs, CO

Dave White Memorial Award

The Dave White Memorial Award was created many years ago to recognize companies that through a dedicated company-wide effort have committed to make safety a top priority in their workplace. It is named in honor of ADSC’s first Safety Committee Director, the late Dave White of Nashville, Tennessee.
Congratulations to Nicholson Construction Company for their commitment to their safety program!

Rick Marshall Commitment to Excellence in Safety Award

The Rick Marshall Commitment to Excellence in Safety Award is our most celebrated Safety Award. It is given to an ADSC member company whose commitment to providing a safe workplace is of such a superior quality that it deserves special recognition above the rest. This company shall have demonstrated the creation of a comprehensive and consistent safety program, beginning at the highest administrative level, then filtering down through the entire company to the most basic field operations. This company shall have in place an identifiable individual responsible for the oversight of the overall safety program, committed management and field personnel to that program.
Congratulations to Deep Foundations Contractors, Inc. for their excellence in safety for the 2017 year.
  • Less than 50,000 – 100,000 Man Hours Worked
    • Allied Drilling Company
    • Blackhawk Foundation Company, Inc.
    • Case Foundation Company
    • Drilling Service Company
    • EBS Geostructural Inc.
    • ECA Canada Company
    • Rohrscheib Sons Caissons, Inc.
    • Scherzinger Drilling, Inc.
    • TEI Rock Drills
  • 100,000 – 300,000 Man Hours Worked
    • C J Drilling, Inc.
    • C. J. Mahan Construction Company, LLC
    • DynaGrid Construction Group, LLC
    • Equipment Corporation of America
    • Hardman Construction
    • Hayes Drilling, Inc.
    • McCrossin Foundations
    • Parks Drilling
    • Seaboard Foundations, Inc.
    • Stalworth Underground
    • Texas Shafts, Inc.
    • Tri-State Drilling, Inc.
  • 300,000 – 500,000 Man Hours Worked
    • Bauer Foundations Canada, Inc.
    • Northstar Sharp’s Foundation Specialists
    • Richard Goettle, Inc.
  • 500,000 – 750,000 Man Hours Worked
    • Deep Foundations Contractors Inc.
    • Keller Foundations, Ltd.
    • GeoStabilization International
    • Moretrench
    • Nicholson Construction Company
    • Russo Corporation
  • Over 750,000 Man Hours Worked
    • Aldridge Electric
    • Cajun Deep Foundations, LLC
    • Condon-Johnson & Associates, Inc.
    • Malcolm Drilling Co. Inc.
    • McKinney Drilling Company, LLC

2017 Award Winners

Contractor Member of the Year
The construction industry is an enormous and competitive environment. Specialty foundation contractors vary widely in size, expertise, safety protocols, and scope and size of a finished product. Through company-wide dedication to the association, taking advantage of every opportunity to “be involved”, this individual rises above the rest.


Thank you Kevin Sharp, Northstar Sharp’s Foundation Specialists, for your dedication not only to ADSC, but to making our industry a better place!


Associate Member of the Year
ADSC associate members begin the race with a head start. Membership in the association requires a level of responsibility above and beyond what is necessary to simply execute the work. These members reinforce their value not only to the association, but to the industry in general through their participation. Simply put, their value to the ADSC immeasurable!
Congratulations, Casagrande USA. Thank you for your service and support!
President’s Awards
The ADSC President has the discretion to acknowledge special contributions made to the association by its volunteers. We are certainly fortunate to have such a broad base of members who give willingly of their time and energy to help advance the purposes of the organization. Dan Thome, Nicholson Construction, ADSC President, would like to take this opportunity to recognize several individuals who have stepped up to the plate to serve, demonstrating the spirit of volunteerism that makes this organization successful! Please join us in congratulating and thanking the below individuals.
Becky & Joe Patterson, ADSC West Coast Chapter Administrator
Mike Hagy, PACO
Roger Kaminsky, Belltec Industries
Tracy Brettman, A.H. Beck
Terry Holman, Turner Construction
Jason Bindseil, EBS Geostructural